We Support Military Families

We Support Military Families

Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals supports families with family members serving overseas with free or discounted dog or cat food. Up to one dollar of every purchase of Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals Dog or Cat Food at participating stores is set aside for this purpose.

So far we’re proudly supporting the families of these soldiers with free Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals pet food.

  • Joseph of Glen Gardner, NJ, US Army, deployed in Afghanistan
  • Kevin of Middleton, DE, US Army, deployed in Afghanistan
  • Matthew of Fort Campbell, KY, US Army, to be deployed overseas

From Gina, Joseph’s wife:

“We just bought an English Setter puppy. I have 4 boys whose ages are 20 months, 5, 8, and 13. My husband is serving a year’s tour in Afghanistan. The boys and I miss him so much and deciding on getting a puppy has really lifted their spirits. The program you offer for military families is wonderful, thank you.”

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