Supporting Military Families

Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals supports families with family members serving overseas with free or discounted dog or cat food.  Up to one dollar of every purchase of Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals Dog or Cat Food at participating stores is set aside for this purpose.

Gina, New Jersey

We just bought an English Setter puppy. I have 4 boys whose ages are 20 months, 5, 8, and 13. My husband is serving a year’s tour in Afghanistan. The boys and I miss him so much and deciding on getting a puppy has really lifted their spirits. The program you offer for military families is wonderful, thank you.

Pic, Vermont

I breed Jack Russells and Dachshunds and it is rare for me to find a food that all my dogs like. Country Naturals is the one!

Glen & Denise, Florida

Our dogs have been eating the formula for months.  They have so much energy from the beneficial ingredients and our vet commented what beautiful shiny coats they have

Beth, Vermont

This is the best food I have ever fed the cats, and they actually eat less of your food than Blue Buffalo.  A 5 pound bag of Blue Buffalo lasts around 4 days, but Country Naturals lasts a week and a half. And yes, they LOVE it.  Must be a higher quality protein and holds them longer. Thank you for a wonderful product!!

Candeice, Oklahoma

Our rescue Boxer/Pit was not in the best shape when we got him.  We went to our local Hollywood Feed and they recommended your puppy food. He is the healthiest dog now!  He just turned 10 months, we got him at 12 weeks, and his coat is shiny, his energy is amazing and the vet said his blood work looked amazing.   We are very pleased with this food and will continue to feed it to our Bogey Boy.

Lea, Texas

I truly appreciate your staying consistent with a wonderful awesome product that is healthy and nutritious, as well as a Godsend for dogs with bad allergies.  I am definitely a regular customer and will stay that way!

Melissa, Delaware

Thank you for love, care and respect you have for dogs, cats, and humans too!  I say human because your affordable price makes it easy for us dog owners to give the best quality food for our pet.


If your family has an immediate member (husband, wife or domestic partner) serving overseas, apply here to get free pet food while one spouse is overseas.  Free food is limited to Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals picked up at stores carrying the food: we cannot ship direct to homes or take orders online. The amount of free food is at the discretion of Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals and depends on the size, age and number of pets in the household.

Applicants should check the store locator to find their nearest retailer carrying the food, and determine whether there is one near enough to be practicable.  If one is close to you, and you believe you qualify for free pet food, complete the online application below. Applicants are advised not to contact any store regarding free food until notified by Grandma Mae’s Country Naturals that you qualify and that the store will participate in the program.

Once we approve an application, and the store approves, we will issue a voucher and arrange with the store to provide the free food in exchange for the voucher.

All applications are subject to Grandma Mae’s approval and the company reserves the right to terminate the program at any time.


Please fill out the form below to be considered for this program:


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